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Christmas sarees distribution programme (9)

COVID-19 and lockdown in India

COVID-19 is disastrous for poor rural producers in India. Although the women, in theory, could still make things from home, transporting things out of India at the moment is very difficult. With no income, it’s hard for people to manage as their welfare system is pretty basic. We’ve just made a donation of £300 to […]

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Update on Fair Trade Crochet

Fair trade crochet gifts are great for Christmas and vary in price from very reasonable to a bit more expensive but all very good value for the exquisite work. Having just done the Scotland Trade Fair and the dreaded Autumn Fair at the NEC (nice customers but the Hall was very badly laid out by […]

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Buying tailors’ dummies

Just as well in some ways that the train journey is confirmed for this evening rather than yesterday. It gives us the chance to see if there are any tailors’ dummies in Hyderabad. Well, amazingly enough we go to the street where they supply all kinds of things for making clothes and find a shop […]

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Visiting the lace makers

I land at Hyderabad on Tuesday 18th Feb and we’re supposed to be on the night train to Narsapur but these trains are now really popular. So, even though the tickets were booked two weeks before, they weren’t confirmed and we’ll have to wait till tomorrow. A word to what was once British Rail! Check […]

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Samples for Spring Fair, Birmingham

Well the new wholesale trade fair at the NEC in Birmingham is fast approaching and I’m hoping that the producers get some photos to me of some new colours I’m expecting by tomorrow as they promised. It’s always a stressful time before an exhibition as you hope the shops will like your new ideas.   […]

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Crochet ideas

So, how do you decide what to make when you’re thinking of new crochet ideas? I guess there are four basic routes I’ve discovered so far: take existing ideas and adapt them to different uses; look at general trends and think if you could apply crochet to any of these; look historically at how people […]

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