Visiting the lace makers

I land at Hyderabad on Tuesday 18th Feb and we’re supposed to be on the night train to Narsapur but these trains are now really popular. So, even though the tickets were booked two weeks before, they weren’t confirmed and we’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

A word to what was once British Rail! Check out the prices of the train tickets in India – they’re so reasonable and such a good service. If you get a 3AC coach, then they provide you with a bunk berth, a pillow, two sheets, a blanket and a towel. You have curtains round the berth and an 8 hour journey will cost you around £6. Even though the cost of lots of things is much cheaper in India than here, this still shows we’re paying way over the odds here. Still that’s what you get for allowing private companies to take over public services – the investors have to get their dividends so guess who pays for that? Yes, the customer.


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