COVID-19 and lockdown in India

COVID-19 is disastrous for poor rural producers in India. Although the women, in theory, could still make things from home, transporting things out of India at the moment is very difficult. With no income, it’s hard for people to manage as their welfare system is pretty basic.

We’ve just made a donation of £300 to help them buy rice, dahl, soap and other basic necessities. The cost of living in India is much more reasonable than here in the U.K. so this should go quite a long way.

It would be very helpful of you to buy some of our products although we realise a lot of people here are also having a very challenging time in terms of their incomes being cut.

At the moment this producer group is in lockdown because of the disastrous rise of COVID in India. The three people in the management team are now out of hospital and have recovered but the virus is still causing huge problems.

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