Buying tailors’ dummies

Just as well in some ways that the train journey is confirmed for this evening rather than yesterday. It gives us the chance to see if there are any tailors’ dummies in Hyderabad. Well, amazingly enough we go to the street where they supply all kinds of things for making clothes and find a shop with some very lurid plastic body forms. After explaining that we need to be able to put pins in the bodies, a young chap takes us off to the store, which is about 10 minutes’ walk away. Sure enough, there’s a black size 12 female dummy – though naturally it isn’t actually size 12 as I get my tape measure out. We find the size 12 and it’s back to the main shop where they’ve found a male dummy. Hooray! This will make checking the clothing and jewellery a whole lot easier.

We pop them in the tuc tuc with us. My new friends.

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