Our producers


Our women lacemakers in rural India are very skilled artisans. They work with fine cotton to make amazingly intricate patterns from exceptionally beautiful shawls to simpler crochet flower brooches and necklaces. Designs mainly come from the U.K. as does the choice of colours but the skill is all theirs.

My first producer visit was in December 2005 and I was overwhelmed by the need for people to earn a living. India is a vast and beautiful country of contrasts – it is inspiring and appalling in almost equal measure.

If we in the affluent West think we have an unequal society, this is as nothing to the inequality in India. I found myself saying that I would find these women some work and so this is what I have tried to do. I visited their villages and spent time developing new products and exchanging ideas, and sampled rather a lot of very fine curries.

We have worked together for fifteen years now and continue to collaborate in bringing you the best in very fine crochet.