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our-suppliersFair Trade Crochet is part of Lovethatstuff. We’re a not-for-profit organisation that believes Fair Trade makes a difference to the lives of the poor. It does. We’ve seen it in action and are privileged to work in partnership with some wonderful producer groups overseas but none of this works without you, the customer, so please look through our range and buy a gift for someone you love. The quality is excellent and what you buy will also give hope to one of these talented women.

Designs and colours come from here in the U.K. The skill and expertise in crocheting comes from the very talented producers in India who, seemingly, can make almost anything. The group were originally taught how to crochet by a Scottish missionary, so, fuelled only by porridge, she started a great idea that widows could earn a living through their own efforts. And hurrah for her, amazing the vision that one woman can have.

What we make

 If it has lace on it, we may very well make it. The crochet flower necklaces were inspired by my first visit to the workshop in Andhra Pradesh. Having travelled for almost 27 hours, and slept through most of it, I was greeted by the entire on-site production unit, consisting of around 30 barefoot and beautiful Indian women lacemakers. As they garlanded me with flowers I felt like I’d come home, so every lace necklace reminds me of the value of welcoming, of new beginnings and of hope. The colours are inspired by nature: the bright beauty of summer flowers, the rich comfort of autumn harvest or the muted softness of winter.

Our Policy is

To sell:

  • at affordable and fair prices increasing volumes of goods to help more producers
  • to promote and campaign for fair trade.

To maintain WFTO criteria on fair trade, to:

  • promote and campaign for fair trade
  • establish long-term trading relationships with producer groups
  • uphold transparency and accountability,  and build trust
  • not use child labour
  • pay a living wage plus social premium for health, education and training
  • use eco-friendly materials and not  degrade the environment as far as possible
  • establish good communications and ideas’ exchange with producer groups
  • ensure workers have a democratic say in how they work
  • uphold respect for the individual.


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