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LTS is a registered not-for-profit company who helps our producer groups to earn a better and more sustainable living through Fair Trade.

Sadly our Brghton Martina Shop, which bought from over 30 producer groups in 27 countries has now closed. We supported projects including: HIV/AIDS orphans; deaf children; disabled producers; indigenous South Americans; street children; Tibetan refugee children in India; widows; and victims of human trafficking, landmines and torture.

Many of the producer groups particularly focus on supporting women, some employing over 95%.

In the meantime if you need to contact us, please email: info@lovethatstuff.co.uk or phone 07401 593574.

Thank you for choosing Fair Trade. It does make a difference.


Reluctantly we've had to close our Brighton Marina shop but thank you so much to all our lovely customers for supporting us over the years.

Please keep buying Fair Trade. It does really help alleviate poverty and bring hope and practical income for marginalised workers in the Global South.

For earrings visit: http://fairtradeearrings.co.uk

For general Fair Trade visit:


Brighton Shop
Brighton Shop